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Employers are required to make monthly payments of MPF contributions to an approved trustee of a registered scheme for all employees who are enrolled in an MPF scheme. Participating employers must also ensure that the contributions are accompanied by a remittance statement for the contribution period to which the contributions relate.

Firstly, in order to include all payslips, please ensure that all payslips have been finalised. We strongly recommend that you also finalise your MPF Remittance Advice as part of your month-end procedures – this will allow the system to track changes or additions to payslips in that month and automatically generate updated versions of your submission documents if you need to re-submit. In addition, it will provide you with an audit trail of the changes or additions. Once payslips have been finalised, click on the Filing section on the left-hand menu.

Monthly MPF Remittance Statement

For the contribution period, the remittance statement includes the employee’s relevant income, the employee’s and employer’s mandatory contributions and the employee’s and employer’s voluntary contributions (if any).

For monthly-paid regular employees, an employer is required to make mandatory contributions on or before the 10th day of each month (i.e. the “contribution day”) unless it falls on a Saturday, a public holiday, a gale warning day or a black rainstorm warning day. In this event, the contribution day is extended to the next following day which is not a Saturday, a public holiday, a gale warning day or a black rainstorm warning day.

Guidelines on Remittance Statements may be found on the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority website.

More information about the various MPF Submission components can be found in the following section:

Submitting to the MPF Scheme trustee

Please ensure that your filing details have been completed before doing your submission by going to Settings > Filing Details.

To preview your MPF Remittance Statement, go to the Filing section (on the left-hand menu) and click on preview under the View heading. You can confirm the accuracy of the numbers by studying the resulting PDF document.

If all the numbers are correct, click on Finalise. You can then download the PDF document by clicking on view under the View heading.

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