Payroll Setup > Company Setup > Basic Pay Settings

SimplePay allows you to set company defaults for certain pay-related calculations to help minimise payroll inputs. To do so, go to Settings > Payroll CalculationsBasic Pay (incl. Sundays and Public Holidays).

If all, or the majority, of your employees are paid at the same rate, you have the option to set a default Hourly rate for them; this can be overridden if necessary by entering a different rate for specific employees.

By default, the Auto-pay statutory holidays is set to ‘Always’. Employers need not give employees holiday pay if they have not been employed under a continuous contract for 3 or more months up until the day before the holiday. If you do not give employees holiday pay in the first 3 months, change Auto-pay statutory holidays to ‘After 3 months of employment’.

*Please note: if you are also making use of a template / templates containing a Basic Salary item for your employees, those settings will take precedence and should be edited on the relevant template. More information on templates can be found in the following article:

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